About Rail Cargo information Netherlands

Rail Cargo information Netherlands is the information centre for rail freight transport in the Netherlands. The organization promotes the use of rail freight transport to shippers, logistic service providers, freight forwarders and shipping lines.

By providing (neutral) information, the information centre makes the rail freight market more transparent and accessible. The information centre also develops among others informative videos, up-to-date railway maps and a brochure with testimonials of customers.

For many companies Rail Cargo is the starting point in the search for possibilities regarding to the rail freight market. Companies may profit from the following services:

  • introduction to the rail freight market;
  • tailor made advice and specific presentations;
  • intermediary between supply of and demand for rail freight services within 48 hours (free of charge).

Up-to-date rail services
An up-to-date timetable with all intermodal rail services to and from the Netherlands can be found on this website. The website also offers a rail directory of all suppliers in the rail freight market varying from train operating companies, terminal operators and rail freight forwarders to wagon hire companies. More information about this can be found in the related content.